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This document was originally published on "Airgun Custom Parts Catalog '99" by Seibido Mook in Japan. It has been translated by Francis Zhou (Skyfire) at his spare time. Since the translator wasn't a Japanese native speaker, please be adviced that the content of this document may not completely reflect that of the original.

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1) Tokyo Marui makes 4 types of mech boxes for it's AEGs (now five including the UZI), the one shown in the picture to the left is version 2. The basic dis-assembly steps for all mech box is the same, so after going through the process for version 2, you should be able open up the other models accordingly.
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(2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) There are a total of eight screws that holds the mech box together. Take them out in order of the pictures. Four of them are normal philips head, the rest four screws are six sided special ones, you'll need a torx wrench for them. You'll know which screw is which after you look at the picture. BTW, a torx wrench is required for mech box disassembly. If you don't have one, pick it up at your local hardware store NOW.

(10) Now that all eight screws had been taken out, the mech box can be opened right away. But before you do that, make sure you remember the order of the screws. Not only the length matters, but the presence of a washer is also very important here. Arrange them in order and put them somewhere out of the way, else you may be really sorry later on for not listening to me.

(11) (12) (13) Opening the mech box isn't as easy as simply taking out the screws. You should use a flat screw driver to separate the two halves little by little. First of all, insert a precision screw driver into the rear hole and press down on it to hold the spring guide in place. Then use a flat screw driver to pry the front part open. It's OK to press down on the rear part fairly hard, since you don't want the spring to fly out. I find it also helps to use your finger and press down on the cylinder when taking the top half off.

(14) The relationship between the inner parts becomes fairly appearant after you open up the mech box. If you have this photo printed, it'll be easy to disassemble the mech box even without the instructions. Of course, it helps even more to remember it all.

(15) First of all, let's take the spring out. The spring is always under some tension, so it'll push backward once you take the spring guide out of place. So be careful when you take it out and don't let it fly all over the place.

(16) The piston will come out too, since it's attached to the spring. There's a lot of grease on it so make sure you've got some tissue paper. When you put everything back together, it's better to apply grease again.

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