Jia Dyi: Make Military Simulation Game More Realistic

Jia Dyi have shared their opinion on KA’s new guns and accessories:

Jia DyiMake Military Simulation Game More Realistic

Honorable Client,

People who love guns said, “Guns make people equal.”, because even the weaker can defend himself and be waived from the jeopardy of the stronger.

Same reasoning might also be applied to the use of low-capacity magazine in war game rules, people cannot squander pellets, he must use tactical movement, cheating (not in ammo capacity) and shooting skill to perform the “one shot one kill”.

Furthermore, without the annoying wheel beneath the hi-capa magazine, airsoft guns equipped with low-capa magazine looks like a real.

“Saving Pellets” makes the game even more realistic. Humm…that’s a good thing to friendship and your pocket.

King Arms Black Rain Ordnance TWS AEG series


After long waiting, the legendary “Black Ordnance” AEGs from King Arms will return to battle field in November. With the authorized marks from Black Rain Ordnance, King Arms added a brand new “Carbon Style” painting upon four models,【KA-AG-195-CB】for rifle,【KA-AG-196-CB】for carbine,【KA-AG-197-CB】for CQB, and【KA-AG-233-CB】for the shorty. The other paintings were like the previous edition- black(-BK), olive drab(-OD), and dark earth(-DE).


Black Rain Ordnance is a TWS grade AEGs with unique bolt catching system, the TM compatible hop-up system means it can use most trajectory upgrade kits in market, 8mm Ver.2 gearbox with quick changing spring design apts to training need or local regulations. Finally, there are many grip pads to meet ergonomics. Oddly, King Arms attached a 370 rds. Hi-capa magazine, pretty much assure people will replace with quality low-capa magazine for drill purpose.

King Arms Low-capacity Magazine series


King Arms has been always following the main stream AEG specifications, Tokyo Marui, in terms of compatibility. They have full metal appearance (except G36) with favorable bulky procurement discount.

【KA-MAG-02-V-BK/OD/DT】are 68 rds. standard M4/M16 metal magazine. (5pcs)

【KA-MAG-12-V】is 70 rds. AK47 metal magazine.(5pcs)

【KA-MAG-05-V-OR】is 50 rds. G36 metal magazine.(5pcs)

【KA-MAG-10-V】is 70 rds. M14 metal magazine.(5pcs)

【KA-MAG-11-V】is 85 rds. M16VN metal magazine.(5pcs)

【KA-MAG-21-V】is 70 rds. original HK G3 metal magazine.(5pcs)

【KA-MAG-18-V】is 70 rds. HK G3 metal magazine.(5pcs)

【KA-MAG-19-V】is 100 rds. MP5 metal magazine.(5pcs)

SRC Low-capacity Magazine series


SRC also sticks to traditional Marui AEG, both from outside conversion kits to inner spare parts. The sets are all carried with a free pistol style BBs speed loaders.

【MG-SRC-SM4-101/-101DT】is 70 rds. traditional M4/M16 metal magazine(6pcs);

【MG-SRC-SM4-105/-105DT】is 70 rds. PTS M4/M16 plastic magazine(6pcs);

【MG-SRC-SAK-81】is 125 rds. AK47 metal magazine(6pcs)….Oopps….cheating J

【MG-SRC-SAK-83】is 100 rds. AK74 plastic magazine(6pcs);

【MG-SRC-SG36-54】is 50 rds. G36 plastic magazine(6pcs);

【MG-SRC-SR5-50】is 50 rds. MP5 metal magazine(6pcs);

AIMTOP High Quality 150 rds. BBs Magazine Speed Loaders【GT-04】series


In fact, there are more than black or transparent appearances to choose in AIMTOP. Due to insist on virgin material, the semi-transparent outlook gives not only a quality appearance but also the durability on battlefield. It was one of the most favorite items in Airsofters’ arsenal since its introduction in

late 2015.


【GT-04(B)】Smoky Black

【GT-04(BU)】Crystal Blue

【GT-04(G)】Crystal Green

【GT-04(OR)】Crystal Orange

6mm Proshop 450 rds. M4 Magazine style【GS-01】; and 300 rds. SMG Magazine Style 【GS-02】 BB Speed Loaders


For gunners using ARs as his main weapon, in order to fit the pocket shape of tactical vest and gear equipments designed for M4/M16 magazines, he will choose【GS-01】series as his ammo arsenal. 6mm Proshop designed a patented hidden pump to load BBs into low-capacity magazines in a more convenient way without risking to break the part in rush. 【GS-01】is like its SMG style brother,【GS-02】,both carry a metal ring around the outlet tip to facilitate the loading operation more perceive and quick.

If you were interested in the above merchandise, please contact local dealer first or Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com to set up your sales portfolio. We carry more things than you expected, try me!

(Jia Dyi)

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