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Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

Tuddenham’s skirmish event at the weekend was very well attended and the quality of play was outstanding both days.  Thank you everyone for making it another great weekend.

This weekend we have our first regular skirmish event at Eversley’s secondary site, “Camp Bravo”.  Situated less than half a mile down the road from our main Eversley site, right next to Eversley Storage, this site is ideally suited to the fast-paced, shorter scenarios found in our skirmish games.  New players very welcome, with rental packages available (book in advance to guarantee yours), non-booked walk-on players always welcome.

Next weekend we are back at Tuddenham for our Christmas FilmSim weekend.  The Evil Liberation Front (E.L.F.) have taken down Santa’s sleigh with an RPG and the presents have gone everywhere!  Santa’s special forces team need to get those presents retrieved and distributed before the day is over or Christmas will be totally ruined!

Teams will be red vs green – try and make the effort to dress up with something obviously bright red or bright green, full Santa, elf, snowman and reindeer suits are highly encouraged.  This is obviously intended to be a very silly weekend of daft fun, so please leave your “tacticool” loadouts at home and forget about stealth and camouflage just this once…

The following weekend will see a similar daftness taking place at Eversley.  Keep your eyes on the Facebook event page for full details to come.

Special games:

On Saturday 22nd December we will be running a specialist day at our Eversley and Tuddenham sites.  The scenarios will be very short as both these days are using weapons with low capacity magazines.

The Eversley event will be a pistol and shotgun day only.  Walk-on price is the usual £25 for the day, with limited rentals available for an extra £20.  Please pre-book your rental to avoid disappointment.

The Tuddenham event will be a low-cap only day.  LSW’s and HPA rifles on 30 round low-caps are welcome.  Walk-on price is the usual £25 secured by a £15 deposit, limited rentals are available for an extra £25 (including ammo).  There will only be limited places available for this unique special event, so make sure you get your £15 deposit paid online to secure your place.  Discount vouchers will be accepted and issued on this event.

Tuddenham Calendar, Eversley Calendar

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