Jia Dyi: Get a gun for Girls

Jia Dyi have been taking a look at subcompact pistols:

Jia DyiGet a Gun for Girls

Honorable Clients,

Jia Dyi carries lots of brands in agent portfolio; we feel it is our duty to present the purchasing idea to fit current need.

For the coming Christmas, whether it’s a present for girl friend or simply a curiosity to own novelty. We organized the “subcompact pistols” theme for your reference.

In short, it saves your time and let you make quick recommendation to clients.
We provide not only Airsoft merchandise but also the information, and the later itself is the weapon.

WE Berretta PX4C Storm Gas blow-back pistol【GP330S-BK-1】【GP330S-TAN-1】【GP330S-SV-1】


Berretta had long been famous for M92 series, but everything has changed since the PX4 appeared. The PX4C is without doubt a subcompact pistol for female, and popular for its ergonomic and stylish appearance. Right after Tokyo Marui’s plastic PX4 gas blow-back pistol, WE has issued the full metal PX4 and its compact version, PX4C, with more choices in colors, it’s a model even Marui hadn’t had published.

The codes addressed with 1 means WE provided the reduced version, PX4C, with one short magazine. Yes, you know what had happened next.

WE Berretta PX4C Storm Gas blow-back pistol with two magazines【GP330S-BK】【GP330S-TAN】【GP330S-SV】


Except for two additional back straps, WE also developed the grip extension attached with this subcompact replica, so that it can use a full size magazine of PX4. This two magazines version provides an irresistible reason for male shooter to buy one for his girl or purely for himself.


Think I am bluffing? Check the pink back straps in two magazines setting. This three models,【GP330S-BK】,【GP330S-TAN】,and【GP330S-SV】,are perfect for you two to own the same gun.

WE Smith & Wesson M&P9C 3.8” Semi-auto Gas Blow-back Pistol【GP432S1】【GP432S】


Another formidable opponent in subcompact pistol is Smith
& Wesson M&P series, and WE successfully reproduced its 9mm version, only the replica uses 6mm plastic pellets. There’s a bird engravings on both sides of the grip extension, so M&P9C in WE were also called “Big Bird” series. Budget Airsofters can choose the reduced version,【GP432S1】,which means only one short magazine attached. WE also provide many variants in M&P9, one of the prominent characteristics is serration engravings on slide,【GP435S】.

WE Smith & Wesson M&P9C 3.8” Semi-auto Gas Blow-back Pistol



M&P9C owns a broad and thin handgrip than other models, but that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable for male shooter with big palm.

Again, WE introduced an extra grip extension to accommodate its full size gas pistol of M&P9 in two magazines version, 【GP432S-B】for blue frame,【GP432S-T】for tan, and【GP432S-P】for purple. WE also provide two lavish options- in silver slide,【GP432S-SV1】,and golden slide,【GP432S-TG】, but they don’t carry with standard gas magazine, and of course no grip extension either.

WE Springfield XDM 3.8 Gas blow-back pistol【GP332-38B-1】【GP332-38】


For the Eastern European countries, XDM 3.8” form Czech maybe more familiar to female special agent. Same old rule, the code name addressed with 1,【GP332-38B-1】, means it will not include standard gas magazine and extension grip. If you believe the compact slide with full size magazine matter, you better to buy the two magazines version in the said models. WE also provide two tones model with tan lower frame,【GP332-38T】and it’s simplified version,【GP332-38T-1】.

WE 1911 3.8” Gas blow-back pistol Type A【GP107】and Type B【GP105】


Subcompact 1911 was not so popular before Tokyo Marui had introduced Detonics .45, a miniature M1911 with full length only in 178mm. WE first lunched Type B,【GP105】,with a traditional appearance like M1911A1, then the Type A,【GP107】with modern MEU style. Nevertheless, the single stack gas magazine carried by these two models is inferior to its variant, Hi-capa 3.8”, with fancy design and double stack thick magazine.

WE G27 Gas blow-back pistol【GP623】and 【GP623-TAN】


Speaking of subcompact pistol, G27 firing S&W .40 Cal. cannot be ignored. WE has long been producing the said 6mm gas blow-back pistol for years. Unlike the other subcompact models, WE seemed has no intention to put grip extension to upgrade to use magazine of G19.

KJ G27 Gas blow-back pistol【GP610】and ABS slide version【GP610-P】


Thanks to Guarder, KJ G27 can find retrofit to use gas magazine of G19 after installing 【GLK-83】,a grip spacer. Besides, the KJ is said to be mostly fit with Tokyo Marui in parts, and G27 is the only one model in KJ Glock series that provide both metal slide and ABS slide.

KWC Makarov 6mm CO2 blow-back pistol【KCB-44AHN】


Though there are lots of Makarov replicas in many brands, but KWC is definitely worthy of your investment. It owns full metal structure, blow-back function, friendly MOQ, and the most competitive price in this plain-vanilla model.

Guarder New Generation Frame for MARUI/KJ/WE/VFC/STARK/UMAREX G17/18C/22/34 (U.S. Ver./Black)【GLK-99(BK)/(FDE)/(P)/(REB)】


OK, if you still cannot decide which subcompact pistol for your girls, and happened to have a G_Lock in hand. Guarder maybe your last resort. Luckily, it provides the most compatibility to the popular brands, with the hidden pins that can be removed and inserted with original pins, it fits for installation of nozzle seats of Umarex/VFC/Stark.

For all the above merchandise, Jia Dyi can provide you a balanced purchasing opinion, and keeps you informed at the frontline of Airsoft industry in Taiwan. We can bring you “one-stop shopping experience” and “turnkey solution” to upgrade parts in aftermarket as well as the original parts from factories.

Contact Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com to know what we can bring you to foster your growth.

(Jia Dyi)

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