New items listed at First Factory

First Factory have added details to their site fo the upcoming toys from Marui and Tanaka. The M14 will be out in mid July priced at 26,450 Yen, whilst the electric M93r will cost 12,500 Yen and be out in mid June. The Tokyo Marui 65 lumen Pro Light (M3 copy) will be out on the 20th of June at a price of 7,850 Yen. It’s best to point out that the prices on First’s pages aren’t the official TM prices (First are a good bit cheaper) which can be seen on their own page here.

Also interest is the "M24 Fluted Barrel" model from Tanaka, that comes with an adjustable stock and a larger extended magazine. The new larger magazine can take 29 BBs, will be out in June and will cost 52,000 Yen.

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