Escort M26A1 grenade @ WGC

New in listed over at WGC Shop are the new Escort M26A1 grenades that I mentioned a while back. The new simulation grenades are delay operated, run on a gas system, and can take a multiple of 6 and 8mm BBs internally. According to Escort themselves:

This is something that everyone in Airsoft has been waiting for for that past 10 years. There are lots of games where grenades can be used, and now we have made a functional grenade that operates like the real thing and ejects BBs. The grenade uses a ‘self delay opening valve’ (patent pending).

This product does not use either electricity, merely a spring with a gas operated fuse allowing use in a trap system, or for throwing. The internal housing can take either 6mm or 8mm BBs and white powder such as flour can also be safely added for effect. With this new product’s appearance onto the scene indoor games will never be the same again. (Escort, Japan)

The Escort M26A1 grenade can carry up to 28 x 6mm BBs or 9 x 8mm BB (or a mix of either that fits inside). The new simulation grenade retails for 46USD per unit. Thanks go out to ODP for the heads up.

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