P226 comparison at AEX

Thanks to the guys at AirsoftExtreme (Andrew and the staff at the Torrence store) here’s some shots of the new TM SIG P226 compared to the Tanaka P226RF and the real SIG P226 (in chrome). In the shots inset the real deal is chrome, the Tokyo Marui has the orange muzzle and the Tanaka is unpainted.

As you can see the TM copy if a good likeness, the only real giveaway to it not being real is the lack of weight as it’s considerably lighter than the real thing. Detail wise the only real minor niggle is the centre moulding line underneath, although that’s much more apparent on the older Tanaka model. It should be noted that the magazine base for the standard 226 magazines are flat though without the recess found in the Airsoft models.

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