PTS Syndicate Legacy CAR-15 N23 PDW AEG @LWA

Land Warrior Airsoft are stocking the new PTS Syndicate Legacy CAR-15 N23 PDW AEG:

Land Warrior Airsoft have just received shipment of the new PTS Syndicate Legacy CAR-15 N23 PDW AEG! This is the first model of PTS’s Real-Spec Legacy airsoft series, based on the real steel N23. The real rifle was custom built by firearms expert and writer Dave Merrill, who was inspired by an image of a truncated cutaway schematic in the original AR15 Patent documents.


Defying the old school look of this short rifle, the internals of the N23 are bang up to date with an i5 gearbox capable of handling 11.1v batteries out of the box. This gearbox features a quick change spring, 8mm bearings, and an ECU trigger for faster response and perfect shot to shot timing.

The N23 is in limited production, so make sure and grab one when you can!


(Land Warrior Airsoft)

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