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Mitch over at First & Only Airsoft has sent in news from them of their latest offers and deals from their site. Here’s the latest:

We know have stock and guns for sale at our site our on the website
Ammunition and Gas: Excel BB’s 3000 Bottles 9-00,
Gas 9-00 per bottle.
Pyros: Mk5 thunderflashes 2-50 each,
Small Smokes 2-50 each,
High Capacity Smokes 9-50 each
A.E.G’s: Classic Army M15 A4 carbine’s (retracting stock) 220-00,
Classic Army M15 A4 tactical carbines (solid stock) 220-00, Tokyo Marui G36C 200-00, Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1 200-00, Tokyo Marui SIG 552 Seal 190-00, Tokyo Marui AK Beta Spetsnaz 180-00.
Pistols:Tokyo Marui SIG P226 95-00, Battery’s
8.4v 1100mah (mini) 30-00, 8.4v 2200mah (large)30-00, Magazines
G &G 450 round mags for M4’s 30-00, CA 470 round mags for G36, TM hi-caps for SIG 552, TM hi-caps for AK47
Combat gear: Bolle glasses 15-00, Sensia mesh masks 20-00

Our hire equipment is now:

Classic Army M15 A4 carbine’s (retrackting stock),
Classic Army M15 A4 tactical carbines (solid stock),
Tokyo Marui G36C,
Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1,
Tokyo Marui SIG 552 Seal,
Tokyo Marui AK Beta Spetsnaz
, Tokyo Marui AK47,
Tokyo Marui Stery Aug

We also hire extra gear such as:

Socom pistols and holster
203 grenade launchers and shower shell
Assualt vests
Extra mags
Extra batteries.

As well we have started to do BBQ’s at the site.
After the success of our birthday bash and the following BBQ we decided that this would be come a more common event over the summer. So for an extra 5-00 on top of the greenfee you can finish off the day with a lovely BBQ and a couple of cold ones while talking about all the kills you made that day.
Camping is also availble at a local campsite.
The next BBQ’s are planned on the 28th of May and then the 11th of June (weather permitting) for further details please contact us via the website. Mitch (First & Only Airsoft)

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