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Lots of news from A2 Supplies this week including an update on their Range:

Feels like it’s been forever! But we are still here! We aren’t a pile of Rubble and Kris hasn’t killed Andy! Got a nice long A2 Update so brace yourselves!

We’ve been busy… REALLY BUSY! Not having office chair races we promise… or eating pizza.. ok maybe a few slices… but we’ve also been building new and wonderful things both Online and In-Store! Those of you who have visited us recently may have seen some of what’s been going on! But for those of you who haven’t buckle up, it’s time for a Recap!

The Website!

I’m sure many of you were aware that our old website needed a little work… like an overgrown garden it needed to be hacked back under control New Website Image(We weren’t allowed to burn it sadly) and have a general tidy up! So we put the internet gremlins to work to provide a much more accurate account of our stock levels! Out with the old and in with the shiny new stock! Alongside this they also managed to work some magic on our primitive search bar transforming it into a much more "refined" searching experience! Good Gremlins.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! whilst they we’re at they were also generous to a BRAND SPANKING NEW HOME PAGE! Oh yes! A shiny and sexy new homepage which breaks down some of the cool things we have to offer all into one place! With a few tweaks still underway and a new section coming soon you better keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks!


New Shop ImageObviously we still have the online shop! Now much tidier, you can browse and peruse your socks off at our wide range of Airsoft Guns, Gear, Accessories and so much more cool stuff! With more and more new stuff being added every week and we’ve also got some promotions lined up to boot! Whilst the airsoft section thrives we have also moved a lot of our outdoor and LARP equipment into clearance with UP TO 50% OFF! so there’s plenty of bargains to be had! Alongside the Web store we obviously have our physical shop! Now with the Airsoft shop located upstairs we are open Monday-Saturday 10:30am-5:30pm if you want to  pop in and say hello!


New Finance LogoIncase you may have forgotten (or didn’t even know!) We still offer finance! Courtesy of Payl8r Finance! If you’re worried about breaking the bank, or the missus(or mister) breaking your legs over a new purchase, then why not spread it out across 3, 6 or 9 months and even Buy Now Pay Later with 0% finance options?

Payl8r is a trusted financing partner to A2 Supplies and offer aggressive financing options for your purchases over £150. Decisions are made quickly and are usually able to give an instant lending decision. Payl8r don’t look down on your for having a thin credit file and use a soft search method so they don’t affect your credit rating when you apply!


Range Image ARNI mean that’s the real reason you’re reading this right? Dying for some news about our Indoor range and when you can come and test out some new toys? Well its imminent! The Walls are up, much like you’re excitement! And the Targeting systems should be good to go in the next few weeks! We know, its been a "few weeks" for a while now but we are striving to provide a professional indoor range experience! and we all know we aren’t "Professional!" All Joking aside, despite the fun we’ve had against paper and cardboard in our spare time we know you all deserve something fun, exciting and competitive! With a host of targets ranging from paper to electronic for you to test you accuracy and compete against your friends! Excited? We bet you are! The Range itself will be bookable via the website so its time to brush up your shooting skills as we will be running competitions!

Film & TV:

CostumeFor those of you not in the know we also cater to the Film and TV crowd! We aim to provide the best choice of equipment for modern military costumes and weaponry. Mainly catering towards the Modern military aesthetic, however we can also cover certain historical requirements such as WW2. With a huge variety of Airsoft Replica Weaponry, not to mention a plethora of accessories such as grips, scopes, silencers, grenade launchers, bipods, lasers and more. Alongside our Armoury we also carry a whole host of Tactical Gear to help gear you up from head to toe. Be it, uniforms, boots or helmets, our selection of tactical even covers a wide range of body armour, modular tactical vests and pouches. If we don’t stock it in store or on the website, we will try our best to find it for you!

Well there we have it! If you’ve been sat on the toilet for the duration of this post then Kudos! The tingling feeling in your legs should soon subside, allowing you to head down, and come for a visit! Say Hi, and see some of the awesome stuff we have to offer! But if you can’t wait that long then head on over to our website! www.a2supplies.co.uk

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