G&G GPM92 series

G&G  have shared details of their GPM92 series:


GPM92 GBB Series

Our GPM92 is no ordinary M9 in today’s market. What really makes our M9 stand apart from other competitors is the worldwide patent-pending whirl cylinder valve we have taken years to develop.
Our whirl cylinder valve reduces the frost to be built inside the chamber by having a high-speed rotation. In addition, the whirl cylinder valve assists you in playing in colder environments. Fuel it with premium green gas to maximize your GPM92 for the best performance and consistency on the market today!
Every GPM92 GBB pistol comes with one 27 round magazine, one-speed loader and a pistol case for easy transport to and from the field. Now available in all 3 colors. Contact your local authorized G&G dealer for pricing and availability.


Watch the Whirl Cylinder in Action

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