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A2 Supplies have some news about what’s happening on their new range:

A2 Nights! I mean A2 Range Nights!

The Beta Testing continues! That’s right people! Whilst we continue the long wait for our highly anticipated electronic targets we’ve decided to keep the range open for you lucky people to come and give it a go! With Range Fees currently Reduced, this has given us time to figure out what specialist events we are going to run in the future! (Exciting Times!) For those of you who are interested, this is what we are currently running:

Arnies Range Banner

Late Openings:

The Range itself is open on Tuesday-Saturday from 10:30am-5:30PM! However we realize that many people do have week jobs and may find attending during the week difficult.. BUT FEAR NOT! On Thursday Nights we have extended the opening hours on both the Shop and the Range up to 8:30PM! Maybe Work been aggravating? Or the week just isn’t going your way? Why not take out the frustration on some steel targets!

Range Image 1

Practice Nights:

Tuesday nights are now our Private Practice evenings – Taking Place Between 6:00-8:00PM we will host private training sessions perfect for both small groups and individuals wanting to participate! The Evening allows us to put participants through a number of handling and reaction drills with pistols where we are on hand to give helpful tips and feedback all before taking on the Pistol Short Course!

Practice Image 1Practice Image 2

Competition Nights!

Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition? At the end of every month we will be hosting our Action Air/Practical Pistol Inspired Competition Night where up to 12 people can take on this months IPSC inspired course to see who’s the quickest! Its all or nothing as you compete to be the resident John Wick! Going head to head to score the fastest times on the board, we whittle it down to a handful of finalists who then compete for 1st place! Once Mr Wick has his crown we then re-configure a brand new short stage to keep you on your toes as we kickstart the run up to next months competition night!

Competition Image 1

With last months winner already feeling pretty smug, its time to take their crown with this months competition only a few weeks away better get the practice in! All range inquiries can be made either via email: info@a2supplies.co.uk or by phoning us: 0118 956 1411 But keep your eyes open as our Bookings Page on the website will soon be live! (Hopefully Next Week!!) Get Booking, Get Practicing and we will see you at the competition night!

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