Grenade launchers, body armour and badges from King Arms

Here is the first update of the New Year from King Arms and it’s a big one!:

Hi all, First of all, Happy New Year! I wish everyone all the best for the year of 2010 and KA will keep bringing the airsoft community the best gadgets throughout the entire year! Anyways, here comes the first KA product update for you all, enjoy!

M79 Grenade Launcher  KA-CART-04

Some people have seen this already at the game show at Paris, now it’s official. The M79 full metal grenade launcher which comes with CNC machined one piece barrel and real wood stock with rubber pad. Better build than the existing M79 in the market and with a very affordable price tag.

a_012a_007 a_019 a_010 a_022 a_009 a_021

(King Arms)

Last month you guys have seen the QD version, now we have the military version to serve you all. The M203 Military Version is available in both short and long barrel.

M203 Grenade Launcher – Mil / Short   KA-CART-03-03
M203 Grenade Launcher – Mil / Long    KA-CART-03-04

a_005a_025 a_023
 a_013 a_024

We also have some new body armour available here.
SF Personal Body Armour – TAN set / AK  KA-VS-7700-TAN-AK
SF Personal Body Armour – OD set / AK   KA-VS-7700-OD-AK

a_011 a_004

SF Personal Body Armor – TAN set / M4 KA-VS-7700-TAN-M4
SF Personal Body Armor – OD set / M4  KA-VS-7700-OD-M4

a_014 a_004[1]

And finally we just got some new patches in. Let’s see what we have.
US & Iraq Military Manoeuvres Embroidery Flag – TAN  KA-AC-2141-TAN
US & Iraq Military Manoeuvres Embroidery Flag – Colour KA-AC-2141-CO
Guinea-Bissau Embroidery Flag     KA-AC-2140-TAN


NEST Embroidery Patch – BK  KA-AC-6117-BK
Seal Team 6 Red Cell Embroidery Patch – BK        KA-AC-6067-BK
Seal Devgru Embroidery Patch – BK       KA-AC-6065-BK
ISAF Embroidery Patch – ACU KA-AC-6042-ACU


That’s it for now. I need to go home to pack and fly out later on today to US to join the SHOT 2010. I guess I will see some of you there right? Cheers!

Mark (King Arms)

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