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Quick news update as I’m just in from work – new stuff in at Ironfoot!

Hi Everyone!
The perceived down side of AEGs using the Mini as apposed to the Large size of battery has always been battery capacity, although we have proven that a normal 1100 mini battery will last the average game day without a problem if properly charged.

Gold Peak “GP” previously came up with the 1100 GP NiMh with fabulous performance, and durability, but they have now gone better with a new “1300 mAh GP” mini battery pack, same size, 200 mAh more capacity. 24.99
Gold Power Batteries

Also, we have the Web-Tex New Professional MLCE ( Modular Load Carrying Equipment ) being released from end of July early August. The new Web-Tex version adds a new level to the successful Viper VMS range – a modular vest or Harness with a range of accessory pouches in DPM

Ironfoot Shop is currently awaiting delivery, pre-orders accepted, shipping as soon as delivery arrives.

Best Regards, Graham, (Ironfoot Shop)

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