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Here is the latest news from Rhino Airsoft:

Dear Arnies, Just a few updates.

The Magpul PTS PMAG-M Version and EMAG is now available at Rhino Airsoft.  There are 3 colours of the PMAG-M Version:  BK/DE/FG and EMAG comes with black colour.
Magpul PTS PMAG M Version (Mid Cap 120 Rounds) – BK/DE/FG
Magpul PTS EMAG (Mid Cap 120 Rounds) – BK

Well, maybe this news is not too exciting because pre-order has already taken for a week.  However, we would also like to announce that we will start ship the Magpul FPG this week, for those who already ordered on, you will get it very soon.  For those who didn’t place order yet, please do it asap if you really love it.  The first batch is really limited in supply.

Rhino also got the chance to have a field test of the FPG and we have taken a few video to share with you guys.

Shooting with FPG

Unfolding the FPG

For more action on unfolding the FPG, you can go to Rhino Youtube Channel at

Last but not least, after supplying the RMW RPG-7B to Japan market in lasts year, it is now returned.  The new batch of RMW RPG-7B is now available in limited supply.  here is the photo of the finish product.


(Rhino Airsoft)

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