Delta Force Style Conversion Kit at Evike

Ernest has mailed in news about the Delta Force Style Conversion Kit from Evike. I’m told that the kit is being called a “Delta Force” conversion kit because it will most likely have the lighting bolt going through a triangle insignia.

If you have any questions, please send them over to

The pricing is just an estimate because we do not have the exact cost yet. This is just an preview, pre-order will start soon.

KIT INCLUDES: One piece upper metal body with RIS system. Lower metal body, front and rear folding sight, barrel assembly and most likely the crane stock as well and everything else to convert your M4/M16 style Airsoft gun into a super nice rare collector’s item.

THE ANTICIPATED CONVERSION KIT FOR M4 SERIES TOKYO MARUI COMPATIBLE AEG. (Automatic Electric Gun). Very limited availability kit, only 500 made and only a small portion of that will be available in the U.S. with the delta force logo and serial number. A true collector’s item. Availability is at a first come first serve basis. We got our hands on these rare conversion kits and they are very limited collector’s item. More information will be posted here once we review them. Pre-sale will start once all the information are available and finalized. User, (Evike)

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