M805 at Milsim Labs

The guys at Milsim Labs have have mailed over news about a new product that they have on their site. Here’s the details on the M805 “Event” Grenade/Mine Simulator:

Based on the proven performance of the Mark 3 series we are proud to introduce the M805. While they have slightly less power than the Mark 3, but we feel the improvements and added features more than make up for it. This unit is loaded, check out all the features:

20′ Across “blast” pattern!
Lower price, MSRP per unit is 1/2 that of the Mark 3s
Super Sensitive, even compared to the Mark 3. They don’t get thrown back at you!
“Firing” mode can be set by the user. They can go off on impact or set to fire on a trip wire!
Optional “pull pin” type safety. Up to a 200 BB payload.
Much more user friendly and easer to load!
Zip tie @ the back to allow players to hang it on LBV or mount it to a branch to set up a trip wire.

This is our next step forward in non-exploding grenades for military simulation gaming. Its primary function is to project up to 200 Airsoft BBs but it is also compatible with most standard “paint” type fills.

This unit was designed from the ground up to address weaker areas in the Mark 3 model.

1 The more robust tubing for the Mark 3s (needed so the units could be reused repeatedly) made it hard to load the BB into it
2 When used in a woodland environment more Mark 3s were lost on there first throw than were found and reloaded for a second use. While being reusable, the long search to find it made doing so not practical.

The M805 is sold as a single use item. This allows it to be made out of a lighter, less costly tubing.

This means it is much easer to load and cheap enough to “throw and forget”.

NOTE. The “pull pins” are not supplied with the below products.


M805 “Kit”-Parts to make 8 grenades and the deluxe loading tool (200BB)-$16
M805 “Intro Pack”-Parts to make 2 grenades and a barebones loading tool (100BB) $5

Extra grenades:

M805 “10pack”-Parts to make 10 grenades-$15
M805 “20pack”-Parts to make 20 grenades-$25 (Milsim Labs)

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