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Posted by DirteeRice in the forums was a link to an online resource that has mutterings of UTG’s possible upcoming releases. Mentioned on those pages was a link to who stock a fair amount of the Well and "Both Elephant" gear. I should say form the outset that "Well" gear isn’t UTG (Well’s rep isn’t as good as UTG’s), however it does give you an idea of what to expect from UTG in their upcoming lineup as the releases are similar in design/style.

Over at KocaShop there’s a copy of the TM AK47 AEG listed there that’s pretty typical of the Well style releases (see the MP5 and compare it to the UTG model). The AK also looks pretty much like the model that UTG are likely to release shortly.

Also there is a copy of a TM M4A1. The M4 isn’t quite identical to the Marui model, as it comes with the buffer tube removed in the box, and a quick detach stock. Handily the new M4A1 also has a copy of the new LE stock that TM are adding to their own model.

About the only major change is the previously mentioned stock adapter that you can see in the shots, that allows for quick take down. Minor changes include manuals and warning stickers in English, and no real markings. On the side you’ll find "MB R-6 WELL" and "Made in China" along with an embossed set of warnings.

Anyone looking for an easy way to get an M4 in a bike pannier to their local game will be happy. You can find the WELL MB R-6 over at Affordable Airsoft now for 129USD (pre-order price).

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