UHC Tac 9 review at Airsoft Atlanta

Eric, (Airsoft Atlanta) mailed in to say that they’ve added a preview of a sample that they have in their hands of the UHC Tactical 9. The details are hosted on their blog pages for their shop over at http://airsoftatlanta.blogspot.com/:

UHC Tactical 9 Review:

Well we got our sample of the latest offering from UHC, the Tactical 9. It is very similar in some ways to the old Super 9 we all know and love, but there are some surprising differences.

Picking up the gun, it seems to be a bit heavier than the original Super 9. You will notice that the stock is almost indentical, but it feels sturdier and there is a nice textured finish applied to it. Picatinny rails have been added to the top of the receiver and also underneath the stock. The outer barrel is a bit thicker and feels like a heavier grade metal.

Here is a closer look at the bipod that’s included with the gun. I kinda like the design, it folds up nicely and stays put. One of the cool things about the new Tactical 9 is that it can take the same shells as the Super 9 and it also ejects them the same way. Very nice!

However, most people will probably want to use the stick magazine for higher ammo capacity. It takes the exact same magazines as the original Super 9 – 25 rounds each.

Here you can really see the textured stock. Scope rings and a nice 4x scope are included. The bolt action is remarkably similar to the Super 9. Cocking effort was minimal.

We chrono’ed our sample at 360 fps with .20gram BBs, but the distributor assures us the final version will be in the 390-400fps range. That would make this the hardest shooting stock gun we sell besides the Dragunov!

I would also like to let you know that all the FPS we post were recorded on an Alpha Chrony. We believe that this unit is more accurate than the paintball radars that some other airsoft retailers use. We should know, we used to use one several years back. That’s why you may notice that our posted velocities vary from some other retailers websites – I’ll let you decide who’s numbers are right.
Eric, (Airsoft Atlanta)

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