AirsoftGuide DVD vol1 in at AA

Here’s something I spotted over at Airsoft Armoury’s website as a new addition. They have a new Airsoft related DVD in stock by the name of Airsoft Guide. The text for the DVD says:

The first instalment of AirsoftGuide on DVD has now arrived, and it has something for everyone – from detailed takedowns of TM Armalite AEGs, to the cunning combination of an AK47 Electric Rifle, and 25 gallons of water!

More information can be found at:

I’ve not seen the DVD myself yet, but I’ll track down a copy shortly. They’re on offer at £9.99 a copy at the moment and by the looks of the description there’s loads of content there for all. I gather they have them in stock at both AA branches and obviously you can order them online. I wonder how long it’ll be before we get cover DVDs with Airsoft magazines?

On this day..

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