New Stock at Firesupport June 2010

Firesupport have sent in a product update:

Firesupport are now an Authorised Retailer / Wholesaler for Umarex in the UK


image[8]and Heckler & Koch

We now have in stock the following

  • VFC Umarex 74-swat
  • VFC (Umarex) k-pdw
  • VFC (Umarex) 416 cqb
  • VFC Umarex 4-I
  • Maruzen (Umarex) ppk/s
  • KWA (Umarex) usp compact
  • KWA (Umarex) usp .45 match
  • KWA (Umarex) mp7 a1
  • maruzen (Umarex) P99
  • Maruzen (Umarex) P99 FS set
  • unicom sx 9 db
  • tokyo soldier ts 770

We will sell to retail or trade customers (Firesupport)

On this day..

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