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Well I’ve not been around much of late as you might have spotted or guessed, but sadly that’s unavoidable at the moment. There have been a couple of mild incidents in the forums but those have been dealt with by the moderating team in my abscence. To help cater more for the forums themselves I’m raising R22Master’s level to that of administrator in the forums.

In other news, as I don’t have the time right now to add images I’ll just rattle through as much stuff as I can. You’ll have to forgive me as I’m going to quickly trawl through my inbox to get as much stuff as I can online before I have to head back to work:

AEX is proud to be the Official US Distributor of Airsoft Guide DVD’s. This DVD is packed with helpful information for all levels of experience. If you ever wanted to know how to fix or upgrade your own AEG’s or wonder how to solve simple problems, this DVD covers almost all areas. Also, you can check out the Airsoft Abuse section with some unbelievable things they do to airsoft guns! Mickey, (AirsoftExtreme)

  • UNCompany are now promoting various pistol products. Customers who buy a pistol will apparently get a new free BB loader.

    They have also updated with quite a few new products. Included in this are the: Star L85 AFV, Classic Army M15 Special Forces Crane Stock, GP T6 Flash light, King Arms Troy M4 Flash hider and the AN/PEQII battery case.

  • News in from RedWolf Airsoft is that they have precision barrels for the MP7 in stock already:

Following the official release of Marui MP7A1 AEG last month, a number of manufacturers have started vast R&D investments on the related accessories. PDI is the very first to launch the following MP7A1 essential performance upgrade parts: A brand new 6.01mm and 6.05mm precision barrel dedicated to the new weapon. Wanna increase the performance of your MP7A1? Here is your chance. (RedWolf Airsoft)

  • Steve sent in an email to say that he’s set up a new Airsoft site by the name of Front Line Airsoft (www.frontlineairsoft.co.uk) just outside the Newcastle area in the North East. A few days back the FindIt! map here conked out with an error, but I’ve fixed that while I could last night, and you’ll now see that you can see all relevant sites on the map again. Front Line Airsoft are now listed on there too.
  • The next issue of Airsoft International is shortly going out. The next issue of AI is includes
    reviews of the Stars L85 and the UTG’s War Hawk, an "essential guide to boots", review of the
    AWS CQB Vest, a "CWS report", and a
    first look at Ghost Recon II (you can see the new cover here).
  • In more magazine news the next issue of NAM magazine should be on the news stands on the 15th of this month assuming all goes well.

There’s more to add but I’ll see what I can about adding more in depth news later this week.

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