New bits at WGC Shop

If you want more training devices, WGC Shop have some more coming in. There’s a new style simulation grenade and a different training claymore (not the Supercell one). I have to say that sadly the Gamma M33 Claymore looks like a straight copy of the Supercell model (see the image here) and is more expensive than the original:

GAMMA M-33 Claymore (Radio Controlled) – It will be available on 10 July 2006

PFI Toy Grenade:

# Airsoft Hand Grenade for generating POP sound and smoke effect
# BBs can be inserted if desired
# Adjustable delay up to approx. 6 seconds
# Operates like real grenade
# Comes with 5 sets of powder and 10 gas tank caps ( expendables available soon ) (WGC Shop)

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