Random faxes – no.32b: Some SUSATs

Well I’m getting there, only 1,273 emails to go.. anyway, in the world of random things this one was rather bizzare. Someone has actually taken time to fax an order to the website for some random stuff.

Now, just for the record for anyone who isn’t a regular reader:

We are not a retailer. We don’t sell anything. We have nothing to sell. We don’t sell stuff. Stuff here is not for sale. Retailer we are not. etc.

There’s hundreds of mails in my box asking to buy this that and the other. Honest I don’t sell anything and this site isn’t a retailer.

Case #32b: A Mr P.N.G. Kurup of Hayut International (in Oman apparently) wants thirty SUSATs and a box of mounts to go with them so decided to fax this website to buy some.

Dear Mr Kurup, please do see the note above that details in er.. great detail. This is an Airsoft website, even if we did sell stuff (which we don’t) an Airsoft replica SUSAT is most likely rather unsuitable for your purposes. Despite the fact that Airsoft plastic or pot-metal copies of the SUSAT might may like the real deal (and granted they are cheaper), they are most likely not suitable for the task you require them for. It is likely that you would realise that they are about as useful strapping a used toilet roll to the top of a rifle the second they see active service and either fall off or spectactuarly implode.

On this day..

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