In depth Review Of Tokyo Marui’s New M14 SOCOM

boxFor those of you that might not have already seen it, I have written an in-depth review of the new Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM that was released this month. I have compared the bodies to the original renditions of the M14, and as the thread progresses we talk about turning it into the M1A.

Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM
C.Q.B Rifle .308

Tokyo Marui has kept this latest offering under wraps for a while now and finally it’s been released. Rumors here in Japan was that it was supposed to be released shortly after the original M14 was released, but decided against it due to internal marketing strategies here in Japan. Never the less it has finally been released just in time for Christmas, or for you Asians out there, New Years! (FarEast)

On this day..

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