New issue of AI out 28th January 2007

Paul Monaf, (Publishing Director, Airsoft International Magazine) has sent in the latest from them covering the new issue and coming developments plus a look back over the past year:

AI is the only full colour commercailly avaiable airsoft publication in the world- the worlds biggest selling Airsoft magazine.

What a difference a year makes: Hello, did you all have a good Christmas? I can’t tell you if I did because its late November as I’m sitting here writing this forward. By the time this issue hits the shops Christmas would have come and gone and no doubt you will already thinking about your first skirmish of 2007.

Looking back to last January’s issue we were looking forward to taking AI monthly in our run up to news trade distribution and I was speculating on the out come of the VCR Bill- What a difference a year makes- Last year I was talking about mile stone, this year is no exception as AI have teamed up with a number of companies to launch the AI 300. I can’t go into too much detail, but it’s going to be one hell of a 48 hour game which will include the largest amount of working military vehicles ever seen on a skirmish field. Believe me when I tell you its going to be the biggest and most interactive “Big Game” that the UK has ever seen. Don’t worry if your one of our overseas readers, because the plan is to take the AI 300 in Europe and then the US. One bit of good news is that AI subscribers and IFF patch holders will receive discounted booking rates; this really is going to be a big game you wont want to miss  so keep an eye out for further announcements in AI or at

We had a fantastic response to our B.A.P S. (British Airsoft Players Survey) I would like to thank all of those that took part; the results are staggering and paint a very healthy picture of the British Airsoft scene and you our readers.

It seems ages since AI launched in the US (3 months ago), we can’t keep up with the demand, and our first two issues have completely sold out. So to celebrate that fact we welcome a new member of the team this issue Alan Covey who joins us as our US correspondent, Alan kicks off this month by reporting on Command Decisions War games Centre which once was the training ground for the US Green Berets. Over the coming months we will be publishing site, reviews, retailer and team profiles. If you want your site, shop or team to be featured in Ai, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Talking about what I or in this case we can do for you, how’s about a Wannabe and gear special?   Plans are on the table to launch a one off special (annual) concentrating on? You’ve guessed it the very best from So you wannabe and Real Deal which will include the definitive guide to world camo.

This month is crammed full of all of your favourites, Jay taking a first look at CA’s shorter than short SEAL CQB, Project Ghost continues as Jay does something with the internals (Don’t as me, its all far too technical) turn to page 48, 49., The AI crew go on an away day to Spec Opp’s, our US coverage kicks off, Mark does what he does best and reports from the test labs on another pistol. This months Wannabe is on location with our take of the US Navy SEAL’s. This months Real Deal is all about what you wear on your hands, plus much, much more

Stay around have some fun and enjoy the ride. Paul Monaf, (Publishing Director, Airsoft International Magazine)

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