Introducing Nitro Airsoft

It’s always nice when we get news of new shops opening up, Jon at Nitro Airsoft has sent us in some information regarding a new online shop, check them out.


Hello all!

After much work, and quite a few sleepless nights, I think I’ve finally finished the website. At this moment, The only forms of payment we accept is paypal, but by mid-end week our payment gateway should be up, and at that point we can start accepting Credit Cards and checks. Please note, I have more stock than what is listed on the website, but I lost the pictures somewhere on my 200gig drive. The rest of the stock will be posted within a day or two.

I am also working on making the website more flashy (literally – on that note, anybody that knows flash, please contact me!), so don’t worry about appearances too much. Our blog will be up soon as well! If I made a mistake, I sorry, It’s because I’m quite tired at this point, Without any more ado, the url is:

Have fun!

We will be having upgrade parts soon! If there’s a specific item you want to see, PM me and I’ll see what I can do!
Oh yea, When we get our payment gateway online, I will post.
At that point, the first 5 orders will get 5$ off!

Free Shipping!!

On this day..

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