‘Thumper TG 6’ Flashbang Training Grenade

Andy, (http://www.nltm.us)  has sent over a flyer and newsletter about some new training equipment from them:

Hello, This is Andy Van Der Plaats with Non Lethal Training Munitions, LLC  here in the US. I want to share some exciting news regarding our ‘Thumper TG 6’ Flashbang  Training Grenade.

The Thumper TG 6 is the world’s first reusable, non-PYRO Flashbang Training Grenade.  Instead of using the typical pyro fuse, ours unit relies on a disposable 8 gram CO2 or nitrogen filled cartridge to help generate a safe yet effective 120 dB  report.  Such cartridges, which are available almost everywhere, are typically used in either  seltzer water  or whipped cream dispensers.

To employ the Thumper a user first removes a clip, which serves  much the same purpose as a cotter pin on a typical grenade.  Once released the grenade is  armed and ready to be  tossed.  Upon release, the spring activated spoon opens a small  internal valve, which allows  the gas from the cartridge to enter a disposable ‘burst diaphragm.’ 

Since  the TG 6 is intended to replicate a Flashbang, there’s just a short approximately 1.5  second delay before the diaphragm ruptures, causing the report.

The diaphragm, which is made of light weight plastic, is  extremely light  weight. It is also designed in such a manner so that it remains intact once it fails.   This  adds to the general  overall safety when using the device.  Other advantages that come from  use  of the Thumper,  include the fact that there’s never a risk of causing any fire, or explosion.

In order to make the Thumper even more useful, we’ve also  designed an  options ‘Trip Wire Booby Trap Kit’ for it.  This allows users to transform the grenade  into an  effective training tool for those who might find themselves faced with opponents who have access to   such devices.

Overall, the Thumper serves both as a great addition to any serious   AirSoft players kit, as well as a serious training tool for those in the law enforcement and military   communities. Here in the US, we’ve seen sales of the device to any number of law enforcement  agencies, as well as  to units with the Army, Coast Guard and State Department.

Anyone wishing more information is asked to visit our website  (http://www.nltm.us)   or they  can forward a note C/O sales@nltm.us

Website Address: www.nltm.us  
3444 Marinatown Lane, NW
Suite 23
North Fort Myers, FL 33903
Ph:  407/563-3884 FAX: 239/997-2221 E-mail: info@nltm.us

Andrew Van  Der Plaats, (Sales, Non Lethal Training Munitions, LLC)

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