Inokatsu Galil conversion kit

Ting, (Russian Mania Workshop) sent over news of the Inokatsu Galil conversion kit some time ago, but I’m only just getting through my own emails at the moment (I’m a good bit behind with work here), but better late than never here’s the info he sent over (checkout more on his website: Russian Mania Workshop):

Dear Arnie, I am Ting from Hong Kong, […] Anyway, I would like to let you know that I am the official retailer of Inokatsu in HK, they will release the full steel Galil conversion kit really soon.  I attached the manual for your reference.

They only have 30 pcs worldwide and 20 pcs already reserved.  I got the remaining 10 pcs so that let’s see who are interested in around the world.  If any people interested on it, they can contact me via email  I will post the actual picture in the coming week once I got the sample.  Detail description is on my blog: and Inokatsu will rebuild their whole AK series and I will post them out in the coming week too.

Best Regards, Ting (Russian Mania Workshop)

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