Morning After 2: The Madness Continues!

logoJust a quick news update to announce that the pinnacle of community airsoft events, Morning After 2 has had its date announced (finally!).

Led by our residant pyromaniac Urban_Ninja and hosted kindly by the awesome guys at Spectre Wargames (a big thank you to Yams for allowing his barn to be invaded for a second weekend of drunk airsofters), game on is for the 7-8th of April (that’s halfway through the Easter holidays, for anyone like me who work at or attend school / college).

Morning After, for the uninitiated, is as much a social event for regulars as it is an airsofting event. Due to the nature of the event you need to either be a recognised forum regular, or seek the authorisation of Urban_Ninja to attend. Oh, and due to the fact that many of us stayed up to 3am at the last one and TRULY made it ‘Morning After’, you will have to be 18 years of age (unless otherwise informed)!

Anyone wanting more information is advised to pay a visit to Morning After’s special own corner of the forums, which can be found here.

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