Weaponblender.com – new airsoft / surplus retailer

Travis from weaponblender.com has been in touch to introduce their store to everyone in the airsofting field:

Hi, Just a little plug for our new website that will hopefully appeal to the most hardcore ‘simmers in a pretty unique way.
We realize that the typical army supply shop inventory gets boring fast, so we’re trying out some unusual things, with more sitting around that we haven’t even added to the website yet (portable field operating table, anyone?). The sky is really the limit with what we can dig up right now, so any requests would be welcome.
tube spread
Oh, and we also do the usuals: aegs, gas pistols, a few accessories (more to come) with some delightful(ly low) prices (promise). Anyway, here we are: weaponblender.com
Thanks for the attention, Travis (weaponblender.com)

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