US Airsoft: South Carolina Airsoft Association’s annual event

Just had a quick e-mail from South Carolina advertising their annual event, to take place at Saluda Paintball, SC:

The South Carolina Airsoft Association proudly presents our 2007 regional operation, Operation Kudzu. Please look over the sight, sign up, and post any questions here. This will take place May 12-13 at Saluda Paintball in Honea Path, SC. A $25 fee will be charged the day of the event, cabins are available for Friday night (please contact

The year is 2009. Yet another small country is torn apart with civil war. The Democratic Republic of Delmarva, rebel forces are attacking government forces and civilians in an attempt to destabilize and overthrow the government due to ethnic and religious differences. The government forces are augmented by volunteer militia, which has been committing human rights violations bordering on genocide. An international force(IF) has been sent it to observe and attempt to protect civilian life, they are primarily providing protection for refugee camps and running humanitarian supply convoys. In the midst of all this chaos members of Al Qaeda have abducted 3 Russian nuclear physicists and are rumored to be recruiting new members and working on a bomb making facility. A US squad has been inserted into the region to rescue the physicists, and eliminate the Al Qaeda presence in the area.

Mark / LightFighter (

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