Site maintenance – DB fixes underway

I thought I’d add a small update to say that the site database is currently undergoing some maintenance so you might get some wierd errors whilst this is carried out. Unfortunately with an operational site some work has to be done while everything is still working. I’ve put in some patches to keep things trickling over as best they can under the heavy loads we get and to help auto-fix any errors that crop up. At the moment it’s just a case of holding on till the new machine is ready, which is taking longer than expected.

To update you: We’ve now put in for the new server and are waiting for the hosting firm to come back with the new box for us so we can move everything into it’s new home. We were wating for a specific specification, but that has not been available, so we’ve switched processors and are grabbing a multi CPU AMD system (rather than Intel). We should have that all done in a week or so (fingers crossed).

Update 1300 13/03/07: DB fixes were completed through the night until late AM today. The forums should be back working again now, any errors, please report them in the relevant section and they’ll get looked into.

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