Air-Tronics: Business As Usual

Dave from has been in touch with the latest updates regarding their innovative range of gizmos for our AEGs:

Hi all, Dave from AirTronics here.

After all our issues, which we have resolved, we are back up and running again.

The ATC-3B1 GEN 2 unit is out now, allowing a user to have both hardwired Trigger Bypass and movable 3 Round Burst modules in exactly the same unit – the 2 unit types have been merged in the GEN 2. Just choose which way you want to use it, and use it that way.

Orders will now be done on a monthly basis – order before the 20th of the month, and the order will be shipped at the end of the same month.

Pop over and have a look at


Dave. (

On this day..

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