Firesupport: Low Prices on Classic Army AEGs

Frank from Firesupport has been in touch with the latest deals on Classic Army rifles:

Firesupport 2007:

Classic Army Low prices and New Stock:

M15A4 CQB,Compact, SEAL £295
M15 A4 CQB £350
XM177 E2 £215
M15A1 Vietnam £215
M15 A4 Carbine £215
M15 A4 Tact. Carbine £215
M15 A4 Rifle £215
M15 A4 SPC £290
M15 A2 Carbine, £200
CA36C £205
CA36K £225
CA36 £240
CA249 MKII £595
Steyr AUG A1 Military £220
SAR Offizier M41 FS £250
B&T MP5 A2, with tactical light £219
B&T MP5 A2 (Wide Forearm) £219


Frank (Firesupport)

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