Noveske Rifle Works LLC To Take Legal Action!

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In a statement made yesterday by MadBull Airsoft it seems that Noveske Rifle Works LLC is not happy with the amount of illegal copies of their products on the market, one of the main violators of copyright infringement is Classic Army who have produced copies of the Noveske Rifle Works LLC KX3 flash hider. Currently MadBull Airsoft is the only company with a license agreement with Noveske Rifle Works LLC who has been asked to pursue action against Classic Army on behalf of Noveske Rifle Works LLC. In repsonse to this request MadBull released this statement:

Dear Gents,

All of you should know “Piracy is illegal and violate the laws.”

I respect Classic Army a lot as they are one of the leading companies in the industry and they always usually gain permission to use licensed trademarks and logos, but I am so sorry that I have to announce that Classic Army is illegally using the Noveske Rifle Works LLC trademarks and logos on their products.

KX3bNoveske is currently licensing to MadBull as the single manufacturer to produce Airsoft edition replicas of their items, which under go strict quality control regulations set by Noveske Rifle Works LL which MadBull Airsoft must meet in order to keep the license, this provides not only top quality products to our customers but also protects the name and image of Noveske Rifle Works LLC in the market place.
We at MadBull Airsoft will talk contact Classic Army today to see their responses to a statement already released by Noveske Rifle Works LLC and MadBull Airsoft to see how this situation can be resolved without legal action and maintaining the current good relations we have. If they don’t take any action, we can ask US Custom to cease all Classic Army shipment to US.

KX3-2bUnfortunately things can get even worse for Classic Army, Noveske Rifle Works LLC has already acquired an amount of Classic Army’s product for inspection and have told us that there are certain points that the Classic Army’s version will violate ATF’s regulation, meaning that owners who already have this product are in violation themselves and are breaking the law having purchased the Classic Army version in good faith. MadBull takes a long time to research and develop our products to conform to US ATF regulations.

Again, we hope all Airsoft players can help us to support the legal copies. We are paying money to these firearms companies to make them happy and to make the authorized legal products that are priced fairly and in some cases, even cheaper than the copied versions while maintaining a quality assurance that exceeds current Airsoft standards.

Please help support licensed version and help not only protect the sport but also innovate design and companies who are willing to cut profits to bring you the best products.

Piracy is illegal and violates the laws, protect your sport and protect yourselves.

Kind Regards,

MadBull Airsoft

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