Spartan Imports comment on the KX3 license issue

I do try to avoid getting into politics on the news pages and involved in any arguments. That said the licensing issue was mentioned here (after a news submision from MadBull) so it seems only fair to post a reply from CA’s USA importer, Spartan Imports:

Spartan Imports, as Classic Army’s official representative in the United States, wishes to address the recent news posted on airsoft news websites by Madbull Airsoft of Classic Army’s alleged unauthorized reproduction of Noveske Rifle Works’ KX3 flash hider which Madbull has been licensed to reproduce for the airsoft market.

Spartan Imports is fully aware of the license agreement between Madbull Airsoft and Noveske Rifle Works LLC. However, we were unaware of Classic Army’s development and intention to release the KX3 flash hider airsoft copy. As a licensee of world class firearms trademarks such as Armalite, Arsenal, and Brugger & Thomet, Spartan fully respects and welcomes Madbull’s efforts to protect their and Noveske’s intellectual property. We fully respect all licensing agreements between Airsoft manufacturers and firearms companies. We have requested on Madbull’s behalf that Classic Army do the same.

To the best of our knowledge, this flash hider is an unreleased product and is not in the hands of any distributors, dealers, or Airsoft consumers. As a representative of Madbull products as well as Classic Army products in the United States, we have offered our assurances to Madbull that we are against the production and importation of this item into the United States. We are surprised, however, that Madbull has taken such a highly public and sensationalist approach to addressing this matter and we have asked them to retract the false allegations they have made regarding Classic Army’s existing products in the United States. Madbull’s vehemence in this matter against Classic Army is particularly surprising considering the number of Airsoft copies of the Noveske KX3 flash hider that are currently being produced by other manufacturers.

We have actively engaged Madbull in an attempt to find a resolution that will fully satisfy all parties involved. We hope that Madbull’s unwarranted statements were the result of their surprise and we welcome Madbull to work with us to reasonably and amicably resolve this matter.

Emory Sung, (Spartan Imports)

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