More Odd-ball Inokatsu AK Variants to be released!

Tink from Russian Mania Workshop has been in touch with the details of some more oddball AK variants to be released by Inokatsu. Some of these are certainly an acquired taste, but I for one prefer them over the ‘tacticool’ variants you inevitably see:

I know not all of you are russian lover, some of you may be only interested in US weapons or outfits.  This time, Inokatsu tries to fulfill some of your need if you want to own a AK47 with more US style.  The AK47 is based on the previous kit, with milled receiver and same high quality.  It equips with a vented upper handguard which is based on a US custom shop called HCR:



To be honest, it looks really different and looks more “bad guy”, just like the North Hollywood Shootout – the AIMS, not bad though!!  Release day is not confirmed yet and I will update it once I got any news from Inokatsu.


Ting (Russian Mania Workshop)

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