Crafty moment: Paracord watch strap

Have you got old watches hanging around that need a new battery having been replaced long ago and fancy a project for the weekend or a bored couple of hours? Why not learn how to tie paracord and make your own survival strap, or in my case a new watch strap?


I can’t take credit for the idea, I happened across a simple guide on instructables by David Hopper aka Stormdrane (you can find more project ideas on his blog here). Ironically I had an old Timex Indiglo in the cupboard. One new battery inserted and with the case greased and waterproofed we’re ready to go.

For this project you’ll need some paracord and either Faxtex style clips or some screw pin shackles (you can find cheap packs of them down your local Poundstretcher if you’re lucky). If you’re after shackles you’ll need a 5 or 6mm set.

If you’re looking for a supplier of cord and clips on eBay I’d recommend TheBushcraftStore, I ordered some kit yesterday and it all arrived here this morning first thing. You can find the buckles here, and the cord here.

You’ll need:

  • a cheap lighter to melt the cord ends
  • some decent scissors
  • a multitool or penknife (to release the watch strap pins)
  • some hemostats or.. if your other half is the crafty type a crochet hook (this is to hide the cord ends when finished)
  • some cord – around 10 feet per strap
  • a fastener of some form


I would advise tucking the loose ends into the band weave and wrapping around them to hide them. When you get the weaving complete, use your hemostats (if you’re a trainee paramedic), long nose pliers (if you’re a a bit more practical) or crochet hook (if your house if full of yarn and wool) to tuck the final end back into the strap.

Do remember to measure your wrist correctly first otherwise you will have to undo the lot to adjust the size when everything is complete.

With your first project complete have a look at the rest of StormDrane’s projects for some more ideas. You can also view his videos at his YouTube page.

imageIf you’re not inclined to make your own set you can buy pre-made straps at places like

If you don’t want one yourself, you can always randomly gift one to a serving soldier deployed overseas.

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