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Shawn over at Deadrag sent us the following.

DeadRag_banner Introducing Deadrag radio! Deadrag radio is a podcast/download about all things Airsoft! We have a new show 1-2 times a month.

Our mission:
DeadRag Airsoft Radio is your source for airsoft news, reviews, tactics, team coverage game and OP reviews. We feature a guest on every show that talks about the area of their specialty including gun and gear tech, tactics, milsim and anything else they want! DeadRag staff cover teams, games and retailers as well as any OPs we travel to.

Episode 7 is up!
We talk to Paul Monaf, the Publishing Director and creator of Airsoft International Magazine! Ever wanted to host an OP? We tell you how. Ep 7 features a full review of the CA SLR-105 A1 Compact Wood and Steel version and the SAS thigh holster from AEX. We also go over the proper way to transition to a sidearm. DeadRag is brought to you by Airsoft Extreme.

Episode 8 – Bulldog Special is up!
This episode chronicles Jeff, and my experiences at operation Bulldog II a John Lu and Best of USA Marketing Airsoft Operation at Fort Hood, Texas. We changed the music and format up in this one and hope you enjoy it! Next episode will be a standard episode and we have ALOT of gear to review for you guys.

Listen to the show at or on Itunes!

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