Morning After 6.5: Only 10 places left!

MA60047[1]That’s right!

Due to the success (and good fun had by all) at the previous MA events, there has been an unprecedented demand for places for this Arnies social event, even though the event is not until March 19-20!

20 of the 30 available spaces have already been booked up, so if you are considering coming, decide soon to avoid disappointment.

Regulars Only?

The event is open to all Morning After / Arniegeddon veterans as well as any member with the ‘Forum Regular’ status.

If you have not had a chance to take part in previous Arnies events and do not have enough posts to have Forum Regular status, don’t worry – find two of the regulars attending to vouch for you, or, if a friend is already attending, they can vouch for you.

MA60034[1]But why?

This may seem like an odd approach, but the emphasis at MA is fun above all else.

Many players have attended huge (50+) social events before. While the scale is usually impressive, invariably the actual overall experience had by all is not. MA aims to ensure that, through having a small group of fun-seeking individuals, everyone enjoys the weekend – not just a select few.

Remember: if you’re not booked you can’t join in!

If you want to take part, go to the booking thread. If you’re interested but not sure about the nature of the event or whether you are eligible to attend, contact me or visit the Morning After forum to see what sort of antics we usually get up to and the feedback of the previous events.

On this day..

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