New Madbull Handguards

dragon The team at Madbull Airsoft has sent us some news of their latest release, labeled as the "Dragon Series" these boast to be the cheapest CNC machined hand guards on the market.

As you can see these prices are ridiculously low prices putting them in direct competition not only with current high end products on the market but also the resent boom in Chinese products.

It looks like Madbull is prepared to tackle the clones by not only producing superior products but also by pricing their product competitively.

dragon 2Gents,

MADBULL Dragon Fire Tactical Handguard’s are available now.

100% CNC. Lowest price in the market.

4 different models. Includes 2 screws sets and delta ring.

16.25 inch MSRP: $55

12.5 inch MSRP: $50

7.125 inch MSRP: $45

3.622 inch MSRP: $45

More information here.

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