PDI X-FIRE UPDATE! More pictures of the MAC10 Short Front RIS as well as the .45 Hi-Capa Series Oval Hammer.


A few days ago with the release of the PDI MAC10 Short Front RIS Kit, PDI has announced with more details and pictures!  This time we have more pictures of the unit as well as the silencer that has the "punching metal" process. The original article on the MAC10 RIS is just below a few entrees.


MAC 10 variations

Pictured here is the MAC SHORT RIS kit with optional flash hiders from PDI X-Fire.

Left MAC10 is installed with the PDI KRINKOV Hider and the right is the AR M1 Hider.

Both products can be found here:  KRINKOV Hider / AR M1 Hider

Page containing original information is found here: MAC10 RIS KIT

Here is also another product update. This time it is the OVAL HOLE Hammer for the .45 Tokyo Marui Detonic Combat Master and the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa.

OVAL HAMMERoval hammer main adoval hammer 1oval hammer 2

This Detonic Oval Hammer is made of S45C CNC. It is on sale for 3,864 Yen

Original Content can be viewed here: X-Fire Detonics Oval Hole

 Oval hole main_ad hi capa

hicapa hammer hicapa hammer 2

The Oval Hole Hammer BK model is for the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa series. It is also constructed of S45C CNC and is on sale for 3,684 Yen.

The hammer shares the same design as the PDI Detonics Oval Hole Hammer.

Original Content can be viewed here at: X-Fire Hi-Capa Oval Hole

All information is subject and right to PDI X-Fire Japan. You can visit their homepage at : http://www.x-fire.org/ to learn more!

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