Tokyo Marui AEP H&K USP .40 Gun Only Set

Tokyo Marui has just announced that their successful AEP H&K USP (Gun Only Set) is going to be released on  1/21/2008. Previously Tokyo Marui has made the AEP M93R and G18C as both, a Full-Set with a battery and a charger and a Gun-Only set without any batteries or charger at a reduced price. The AEP USP Full-Set is available on the market as well.

For those who do not know about the AEP series, Tokyo Marui has made the compact electric gearbox pistol, known as the AEP. An AEP does not offer any blowback, however gives the user great accuracy for a close range weapon. The AEP series also boasts a hi-capacity magazine (30 Rounds and Optional 100 Rounds Magazine) and full-auto fire. All AEP series can be customized with a silencer, scope, flashlight, and battery options. This is the ideal back up weapon for people wanting a gun that can be used in all weather and requires no gas. *(In Winter, gas guns do not work well at cold temperature and the AEP is the solution to this.)

The AEP H&K USP only comes with the gun and instruction manuals. Battery and Charger is sold separately. Price is 13,800 YEN.


Left is the Box and gun in the gun-only set. Right pictured, is the accessories that can be bought for the gun.

Information from Tokyo-Marui TM AEP USP TOP

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