Apocalypse Airsoft training weekend 11th-12th June 2011

Apocalypse Airsoft are running a special training weekend in association with Tier 1:

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June – Training Mission : Silent Blade
A special weekend event in association with Tier 1

On Saturday 11th June,  A team of specialists from Tier 1 Military Simulations will be providing training in a variety of key areas including:-  Escape & evasion, sniper tactics, concealment & movement, and field craft. This will be followed by night operations based in or around the Vietnamese village compound.

Sunday 12th June, Tier 1  will also be joining us for the daytime skirmish.

This is an excellent opportunity to receive training from serving/former Royal Marine Commandos, and to put into practice what you have learned.

Price for the Saturday training day will be £15, and for the Sunday skirmish day will be £25.

For those staying overnight, we have an abundance of camping space, alternatively – build a bivi, or bunk down in the village or stockade!

For further details or to reserve a place, visit our website www.apocalypse249.com

(Apocalypse Airsoft)

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