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Sunday randomness: Tactical Grilling

by Arnie

imageAs I look out my office window into the damp wet weather this morning, a barbeque is not really on the agenda. If it was however how would I grill my meat whilst remaining tactical and wearing modular kit? The answer is Tactical Grilling and possibly more importantly, the beer shingle:

Since 2005, Tactical Grilling products have been made in the USA using the same materials, from the same shop, as tactical gear in use by elite law enforcement and military units around the world. Our mission is to provide the most capable, comfortable, and kick-ass grilling and barbecue accessories available. Starting with our Tactical Grilling Apron, Tactical Beer Shingle, and Tactical Spatula Sheath. All three are available in the Tactical Grilling Kit, plus, Tactical Grilling Patches personalize the whole package!


imageThe perfect gift for Father’s Day or your next cookout, the Tactical Grilling Kit has everything you need AND saves you money!

Constructed of 1000D Cordura in Universal Digital Camo, MultiCam, Coyote, Woodland Camo, Fire, or Law Enforcement color combinations, the Tactical Grilling Apron features three rows of modular attachment across the waist and two rows across the chest. These PALS/MOLLE compatible attachment points allow your Tactical Grilling Apron to accept any of your current kit, whether it be a holster, mag pouches, general purpose pouches, or a med kit, the Tactical Grilling Apron can fit your mission requirement: Steak or Stakeout.

More importantly, the Tactical Grilling Kit INCLUDES accessories from Tactical Grilling! First, is the Tactical Beer Shingle. If you’re not grilling with a Tactical Beer Shingle , you may as well go home. Grilling the old way, without a Tactical Beer Shingle on your Tactical Grilling Apron, is like going to the range without ammo, bringing a knife to a gunfight, or spitting into the wind: it just doesn’t make sense. Plus, you also get a Tactical Spatula Sheath to keep your grilling utensils close at hand. Both mount securely to your Tactical Grilling Apron OR any PALS/MOLLE compatible platform. Take it a step further and personalize your grilling experience with custom laser cut Tactical Grilling Patches.

New Features:

  • Tactical Grilling Apron
  • Adjustable Neck Strap
  • Tubular nylon sling material on Universal Digital Camo for EXTRA comfort
  • Adjustable Waist Strap
  • Scrub and Spray cleaning
  • Tactical Beer Shingle
  • Color-matched Cordura Shingles

(Tactical Grilling)

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