NEWS: Stirling adopts BBBastard

Just some quick news from BBBastard (posted in their forums here). Their products have been on trial for some time at Stirling Airsoft and have proven themselves, so much so that they are now the offical BB for Stirling’s events and games:

I’d like to announce that BBBastard has been selected as the official BB of Stirling Airsoft.


They trailed our product over the summer and are very pleased with it’s performance. BLOG ENTRY HERE

We are very impressed with the folks at Stirling (and have been for some time). They take MilSim very seriously and are advancing the sport in a myriad of positive ways.

Our new motto is "Take Airsoft To The Next Level" and Stirling does that across the board.

We are also launching our product as sponsors of the UK at the Airsoft Arms Fair on the 8-9th of October in partnership with Stirling Airsoft. BBBastard will be there to meet ’n’ greet and answer questions for our “cousins across the pond". It is the biggest airsoft trade show and event of its kind in the UK, and just recently expanded to two days due to sell-outs at previous events. Stirling will be there running a live training CQB lane and running BBBastard exclusively.


Brent Lucas, (VP Online Sales and Marketin, BBBastard)

From Stirling Airsoft’s own blog:

We’ve got some exciting news to announce today.  For the last couple of months select members of the Stirling Airsoft Team have been trying out a new brand of BBs at our events and now we’re ready to announce that we’re so pleased with the results that from October all team members will be switching to using BBs provided by BB Bastard.

BB Bastard Logo BannerMany of our team members use very high performance airsoft guns, like those manufactured by Systema, and to get the most out of these weapons we need to use equally high-quality BBs.  The guys at BB Bastard have made a real focus on creating the ultimate airsoft BB by developing their own special manufacturing process that helps to ensure that the material making up each BB is evenly distributed to reduce variations in density that can throw off the weight and flight performance even in a small 6mm BB.  Their system also ensures that small air bubbles, common in lighter weight BBs are more consistently formed in the centre of the BBs, which also helps to maintain straight flight, and use a special double polishing process to achieve a high polish, removing imperfections and resulting in a much more consistently smooth and spherical finish.

This all adds up to a brand of BBs that goes where you’re aiming and doesn’t suffer from the kind of wobbling in flight or jamming in your barrel that some lesser brands have been known to cause.

After a successful trial period by members of the Stirling Team during some of our events and combat missions this summer we’re now really pleased to be able to announce that from October the entire Stirling Airsoft Team will be switching over to BB Bastard BBs for all our future games.

Check out BB Bastard’s Vimeo page for videos showing their BBs in action and connect with them on their Twitter profile.

BB Bastard will be launching officially in the UK at the next Airsoft Arms Fair in October and you can sign up to try them out on our CQB training course, which we will once again be running in collaboration with the guys from Edgar Brothers Airsoft.  We’ll have more details about that up soon, so keep yours eyes on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for further updates.

(Stirling Airsoft)

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