Thumpy wants you for the Warsaw Pact forces at Fulda Gap

Thumpy wants you to sign up for the Warsaw Pact forces at Fulda Gap as they’re currently outnumbered by NATO players:

Wow, we need Arn’s help…and your community is great!

It is THURSDAY…payday for some, or it is coming on FRIDAY…so….OK, Airsofters, time for some SERIOUS Recruiting efforts to take place for the Warsaw Pact forces at Fulda Gap.

We are STILL behind NATO in number of players pre-registered, and prices begin to go up starting October 2nd.

SO, get that paycheck this week, put up $30 bucks online, and join Warsaw Pact (TAN CAMO) Commander / U.S. Marine/"Wounded Warrior" Vince "Salty" Gizzarelli and Yours Truly, THUMPY,  for one of the biggest and best AIRSOFT events on the East Coast, if not in all of AMERICA!!!

THUMPY…OVER (Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft)

On this day..

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