Op: Homeland–March/April 2012

C3 Tactical have sent over details of Operation Homeland:

C3 Tactical invite you to a very special THREE DAY event coming first quarter, 2012.
Its Civil War once again and the revolution is building and it’s time to decide on you’re allegiance; Parliamentarian or Royalist.


With player spaces at 250 this is to be a truly epic event, spanning three full days and nights of all out war across Sennybridge village in the Welsh mountains.
Forces are split into two sides each with it’s own objectives and command structure. Using a dedicated radio net each side’s C.O. will be able to co-ordinate his sections in the attack and defence of Senny’s 20+ buildings and surrounding woodland across the three day operation. 
With constant gameplay, both day and night, it’s going to be a combination of focus, endurance and strategic planning that will decide the victor.
To determine the future governance of Great Britain; Royal decree or the Public voice you will decide, with your life.

Constant safe zone and sleeping areas will be open at all times for a chance to get heads down or have a pause from the battle. 
On site shop and gun maintenance areas will also be available to stock up on the much needed ammo and pyro to clear the buildings, or to fix any guns that may go down.
The lads from Swindon Airsoft will be running their store at the event so you will get a chance to pick up new toys and try them out first hand or grab last minute magazines or tac-lights for the night ops.

DATE: Final date is TBC still but it should be March/April 2012.
PRICE: £85 p/p
Cammo / DPM or civvy 
Cammo / Multi-Cam only
RULES: Unlimited Mid-caps or one high cap.
Special player roles TBA
Dedicated radio net organisation
More to follow…
CONTACT: info@c3tactical.co.uk with any questions
BOOKING: booking@c3tactical with the name of the event and the side you are booking into as the subject;
i.e. subject: Homeland/Royalist
Then names and numbers in body of the email.

(C3 Tactical)

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