Thumpy give this video two thumbs up

Thumpy has found a new favourite video and he’s got some news about Cybergun too:

And it’s from the Homeland of all things Arnie!  Check out this very VERY cool video posted yesterday over on VIMEO!

Direct link is here:

Dragon Valley Airsoft from FlyPix – Shikra on Vimeo.

And, Dragon Valley’s link is here:

Cheers…hope you "got some" this weekend!


Apparently, the Cybergun/Blackwater video game ‘genre’ has not worked out too well….information at the link above, and GOOGLE Translate is your friend, non-Francophones!

Jerome Marsac : “As we indicated at the end of last year, the commercial results of the game Blackwater proved below our expectations.”

Monsieur Marsac is also quoted in other places as pushing the blame off to the slow adoption of Kinect for the XBox as a contributor to the sell-off….hmmm, really?  It might not have something to do with the OTHER two brands involved, and not the most popular console gaming system on EARTH???

Tisk Tisk.

(Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft)

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